Loan Verification Letter

What is a Loan Verification Letter?

A loan verification letter or Credit Reference Letter is a document that a lender may request when you apply for a mortgage or other loan to verify your debt. The loan verification letter includes your loan details and your monthly payment amount. If you’re not in repayment, the letter will include an estimated monthly payment amount. 

What information is provided on a Loan Verification Letter?

The letter includes your name, your overall repayment status, your total monthly payment amount as well as additional information including:

  • Loan Number
  • Disbursement Date
  • Loan Program
  • Original Loan Amount
  • Current Principal Balance
  • Monthly Payment Amount
  • Repayment Term (in months)
  • Interest Rate
  • Days Delinquency (if any)

How do I get a Loan Verification Letter?

You can print one any time by logging into your online account!