Don't Get Scammed

If you are contacted by a company regarding your Federal student loans, you should first verify that they are in fact a Federal student loan servicer through the U.S. Department of Education’s website. Many scam companies claim to be “Student Loan Debt Relief Companies” and will ask you to pay them for services that a federal student loan servicer provides for FREE. If you believe that you are a victim of a student loan scam, we encourage you to do the following:
  1. Contact your bank to stop future payments and reverse any previous payments
  2. Revoke your Power of Attorney, if previously granted
  3. Change your Federal Student Aid account login information
  4. Change your CornerStone account login information
  5. Contact CornerStone to resolve any issues with your account
  6. File a complaint against the debt-relief company through your state’s attorney general
We Are Here to Help!
We get it. Navigating your student loans can be overwhelming but we are here to provide support at no additional cost to you! Here are some of the free services we offer:
  • Lowering your monthly payment through repayment plans, such as Income-Driven Repayment Plans
  • Finding the best postponement and repayment options for your unique financial situation
  • Offering loan consolidation, forgiveness and discharge guidance
  • Assisting in the process of filling out necessary forms
  • Offering a lower interest rate when you enroll in automatic payments
  • Discussing benefits and options for Servicemembers
Remember, you can also log into your online account to have 24/7 access to all your account details. For more information regarding debt-relief scams, please visit the Department of Education’s blog.